Shipping policy

When will my order be shipped? 

  • Double sided rugs will be shipped in 2/3 days
  • Handwoven rugs will be shipped in 2/3 weeks

Where can I track the status of my orders?:

After placing your order, all processes such as your order confirmation and cargo tracking number information are sent to you via e-mail.

What should I do if the incoming cargo is damaged?

  • Damaged cargoes should not be received and a report should be submitted to the UPS officer. If the authorized person is of the opinion that the package is not damaged, the customer has the right to open the cargo there, check that the products have been delivered undamaged, and request that the situation be determined with a report.
  • After the cargo is received by the Buyer, it is accepted that the shipping company has fulfilled its duty.
  • If the cargo is not accepted and the report is kept, the situation should be reported to TheKeep as soon as possible, together with the remaining copy of the report. Our Customer Service will take immediate action to resolve the issue.